Building momentum

Five years ago, the four largest funders of childhood obesity research joined forces to create the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR): The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

These leading national organizations have...

  • worked in tandem to manage projects and reach common goals
  • combined funding to make the most of available resources
  • shared insights and expertise to strengthen research

Today, NCCOR is a recognized leader— innovative, strategic, and effective. By working together, NCCOR members are giving our children a better chance at a bright and healthy future.

Collaborating to turn the tide

After 30 years of increases, rates of childhood obesity are beginning to slow or even decline in some communities. NCCOR is well-positioned to accelerate this progress.

Five years in, we’ve seen what happens when we combine our strengths in flexible and innovative combinations. We get more done, more quickly, to spur research in key areas, amplify the results of research, influence public health and public policy discussions, and support childhood obesity prevention programs.

Supporting researchers

NCCOR creates research tools that help investigators work more efficiently and effectively.

As scientists themselves, NCCOR members know that researchers need the best tools to tackle the toughest public health questions.

Using innovation to stimulate broad thinking

NCCOR provides a platform for cutting-edge, analytical frameworks and for discussions that shape emerging fields.

Reducing childhood obesity requires an understanding of the effects of individual, sociocultural, economic, environmental, and policy forces on children’s diet, physical activity, energy balance, and body weight.

Recognizing that everyone has a role in reducing childhood obesity, NCCOR also works across sectors to generate fresh, synergistic ideas.

Increasing knowledge
to find solutions

NCCOR deepens our understanding of childhood obesity causes and solutions by promoting new research funding mechanisms and by translating and disseminating findings and resources for maximum impact.

When new policies and programs are implemented, NCCOR helps researchers and evaluators speedily conduct studies to assess the results.

NCCOR members have published nearly 800 papers on obesity-related topics, and NCCOR develops and promotes products to help its members illustrate their research.

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Hear two leading researchers—Harold (Bill) Kohl and Patricia Sharpe—discuss the impact of NCCOR's rapid response funding.

Dr. Bill Kohl

Dr. Patricia Sharpe

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See how NCCOR translated new research on the Healthy Eating Index.

Learn how NCCOR finds solutions

The road ahead

We’ve made significant progress, but NCCOR knows that more needs to be done to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.

NCCOR is pursuing a wide variety of efforts in 2014, including reaching out to the research community and new strategic partners, building on current analytic work, and supporting workshops that stimulate new ideas and innovations.

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Hear eminent researcher Dr. Jim Sallis discuss the value of NCCOR’s External Scientific Panel.

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the road ahead

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