Project Documentation

On this page, you will find all the NCCOR COEB Project documentation, including the project manual of procedures, obesity intervention component taxonomy, taxonomy-specific database, and bibliography.

Manual of Procedures

The purpose of the Manual of Procedures is to describe the methods and coding schema used to create this dataset.

Taxonomy Overview

Four taxonomies were created for the NCCOR COEB Project via the grounded approach1,2: intervention components, intended recipient characteristics, intervention component context, and outcomes. Only studies that included measures of Body Mass Index (BMI) were included in the final taxonomic meta-analysis.

Database Instructions

This document outlines the development of the COEB dataset and instructions for how users can use the dataset for independent analysis.


A primary output of the NCCOR COEB Project is a dataset of 51 unique studies with 147 supplemental documents (total of 198 articles) of childhood obesity interventions to which taxonomic categorization or coding has been applied. This dataset can be used by researchers for independent analysis. Users can analyze the dataset in its entirety, or they can identify or isolate individual studies in the database or groups of studies sharing common characteristics.
Supplemental materials for the taxonomic meta-analysis:

  • Supplemental Material 1: PRISMA Checklist
  • Supplemental Material 2: Electronic Bibliographic Database Search Strings
  • Supplemental Material 3: Intervention Details for the 58 Interventions Included in the Meta-Analysis
  • Supplemental Material 4: Components Identified, Frequency, and Impact on the Overall BMI at Across the 58 Interventions Included in the Analysis
  • Supplemental Material 5: Moderators of Body Mass Index by Post-Intervention Assessment Interval
  • Supplemental Material 6: Risk of Bias Assessments in Controlled Trials Using the Cochrane Risk of Bias Tool
  • Supplemental Material 7: Assessment of Risk of Publication Bias

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