Voices for Healthy Kids Grants

Purpose: The American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are working to create a culture of health with the Voices for Healthy Kids initiative. Through this collaboration, and in partnership with a team of experts across the healthy eating and active living movement, the initiative aims to engage, organize, and mobilize people to help all children grow up at a healthy weight. Voices for Healthy Kids will advance coordinated state, local, and tribal public policy issue advocacy campaigns focused on healthy eating and active living, as well as utilize the American Heart Association’s proven advocacy capacity to drive meaningful and widespread policy change.

The goal of the grant opportunities within this initiative is to make effective strategic investments in ongoing state, local, and tribal public policy issue campaigns in order to increase public policy impact on healthy weight and living among children. Voices for Healthy Kids is focusing efforts in schools, community, and out-of-school time/early care and education.

Receipt Date: Expires: January 11, 2019
Awards and Eligibility: Policy Campaign Grants
Strategic Campaign Funds Policy Campaign Grant opportunity aims to fund strategic issue advocacy campaigns focused on helping kids grow up at a healthy weight through state, local, and tribal public policy campaigns. The duration of these grants will vary but will generally be one year or less. Awards of up to $250,000 are available. Applications must be specific to an individual campaign focused on changing public policy in one state, local, or tribal geographic location and must align with one of the Voices for Healthy Kids policy priorities. Depending in the type of policy you are pursuing, your campaign may include lobbying and non-lobbying tactics and funding.

Incubator Grants
Voices for Healthy Kids has made a commitment to ensure that we reach those populations most adversely affected by childhood obesity and has integrated a broad-based health equity approach throughout the design of our initiative. The goal of this funding opportunity is to engage equity partners and innovative strategies that will further the efforts of existing Voices for Healthy Kids campaigns, particularly by empowered engagement of priority populations most impacted by childhood obesity. All grants awarded within this opportunity will be 100% non-lobbying funding. Applications should support at least one policy areas.

Lobbying Grants
Strategically Directed Tools award opportunities are intended to support lobbying activities related to a strategic issue advocacy campaign focused on helping kids grow up at a healthy weight at the state, local, and tribal level. Applications and campaigns must align with the Voices for Healthy Kids’ policy areas.

Link: https://voicesforhealthykids.org/grant-opportunities/