These smoothed data are recommended for use in converting time spent in various activities to METy scores.

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METy CodeActivity CategorySpecific ActivityAges
10100XActive PlayBall Games - Bouncing, Kicking, Dribbling Ball, Reaction Ball (Moderate Intensity)
10120XActive PlayBall Games - Bouncing, Kicking, Dribbling Ball, Reaction Ball (Vigorous Intensity)
10140XActive PlayDodgeball Type Games (E.G., Castles, Hot Feet)
10160XActive PlayFree Play (Basketball, Rope, Hoop, Climb, Ladder, Frisbee)
10180XActive PlayFreeze/Zone Tag (Moderate Intensity)
10200XActive PlayFreeze/Zone Tag (Vigorous Intensity)
10220XActive PlayHiking5.
10240XActive PlayHopscotch6.
10260XActive PlayJump Rope6.
10280XActive PlayMarching - 75M.Min Instruments5.
10300XActive PlayMarching - 75M.Min No Instruments3.
10320XActive PlayMarching - 91M.Min No Instruments5.
10340XActive PlayMiscellaneous Games - Vigorous (E.G., Slap The Ball, Builders And Bulldozers, Clean The Room)
10360XActive PlayMiscellaneous Games - Moderate (E.G., Simon'S Spotlight)
10380XActive PlayObstacle/Locomotor Course - Moderate5.
10400XActive PlayObstacle/Locomotor Course - Vigorous7.
10420XActive PlayPlaying Games (Catch And Throw Balls, Jumping Jacks)
10440XActive PlayPlaying Tag - Moderate6.
10460XActive PlayPlaying Tag-Vigorous7.
10480XActive PlayRelay6.
10500XActive PlaySharks And Minnows5.
10520XActive PlayTrampoline7.
15100XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Action Running4.
15120XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Baseball3.
15140XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Boxing3.
15160XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Catching Targets2.
15180XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Dance2.
15200XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Hoverboard1.
15220XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Kinect Adventure Games And Sports3.
15240XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Lightspace3.
15260XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Olympic Games2.
15280XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Sportwall3.
15300XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Trazer2.
15320XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Walking On Treadmill And Bowling2.
15340XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Watching Tv/Dvd - Walking2.
15360XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Wii Aerobics2.
15380XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Wii Boxing/Tennis2.
15400XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Wii Hockey1.
15420XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Wii Muscle Conditioning1.
15440XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Wii Skiing1.
15460XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Wii Step2.
15480XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Wii Tennis1.
15500XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Wii Yoga1.
15520XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games - Xavix4.
15540XActive Video Games (Full Body)Active Video Games (Compilation Of Games)
15560XActive Video Games (Full Body)Arcade Video Game - Air Hockey2.
15580XActive Video Games (Full Body)Arcade Video Game - Horse Riding Simulation4.
20100XActive Video Games (Upper Body)Active Video Games - Bowling2.
20120XActive Video Games (Upper Body)Active Video Games - Driving Simulator2.
20140XActive Video Games (Upper Body)Active Video Games - Wii (Compilation Of Games)
20160XActive Video Games (Upper Body)Active Video Games - Wii Balance2.
20180XActive Video Games (Upper Body)Active Video Games - Wii Basketball2.
20200XActive Video Games (Upper Body)Active Video Games - Wii Golf2.
20220XActive Video Games (Upper Body)Arcade Video Game - Driving Simulation2.
20240XActive Video Games (Upper Body)Arcade Video Game - Shooting Hoops2.
25100XBike/Scooter RidingRiding A Bike - Fast Speed--a6.57.38.1
25120XBike/Scooter RidingRiding A Bike - Medium Speed4.
25140XBike/Scooter RidingRiding A Bike - Self Paced4.
25160XBike/Scooter RidingRiding A Bike - Slow Speed3.
25180XBike/Scooter RidingRiding A Mini - Scooter5.
25200XBike/Scooter RidingRiding Scooter4.
30100XCalisthenics/GymnasticsActive Classroom Instruction4.
30120XCalisthenics/GymnasticsBroadcast Calisthenics - 'Colourful Sunshine'
30140XCalisthenics/GymnasticsBroadcast Calisthenics - 'Flourishing Youth'
30160XCalisthenics/GymnasticsBroadcast Calisthenics - 'Flying Ideal'
30180XCalisthenics/GymnasticsBroadcast Calisthenics - 'Hopeful Sail'
30200XCalisthenics/GymnasticsCalisthenics - Light4.
30240XCalisthenics/GymnasticsJumping Jacks4.
30260XCalisthenics/GymnasticsRadio Gymnastics3.
30280XCalisthenics/GymnasticsStrength Exercises - Curl-Ups2.
30300XCalisthenics/GymnasticsStrength Exercises - Push-Ups3.
35100XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Computer Games (Compilation Of Games)
35120XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Bowling1.
35140XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Driving Simulator1.
35160XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Gameboy1.
35180XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Gamepad1.
35200XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Handheld1.
35220XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Mobile Phone1.
35240XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Nintendo1.
35260XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Ps21.
35280XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Ps31.
35300XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games - Xbox3601.
35320XComputer/Video Games (Sitting)Video Games (Compilation Of Games)
40100XDance/Aerobics/StepsAerobic Dance/Dance3.
40120XDance/Aerobics/StepsStair Walking - Ascending4.
40140XDance/Aerobics/StepsStair Walking - Ascending 80 Steps/Min5.
40160XDance/Aerobics/StepsStair Walking - Ascending/Descending5.
40180XDance/Aerobics/StepsStair Walking - Descending3.
40200XDance/Aerobics/StepsStep Board4.
40220XDance/Aerobics/StepsStepping - Height 30%-50% Leg Length3.
45140XHousekeeping/WorkDressing And Undressing3.
45180XHousekeeping/WorkDusting And Sweeping3.
45200XHousekeeping/WorkHanging Out Washing3.
45260XHousekeeping/WorkLoading/Unloading Boxes3.
45280XHousekeeping/WorkSetting The Table2.
45360XHousekeeping/WorkWashing The Dishes1.
50100XLyingQuietly Lying1.
50120XLyingWatching Tv/Dvd - Lying1.
55100XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Arts And Crafts1.
55120XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Board Games1.
55140XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Coloring, Reading Writing, Internet1.
55160XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Computer Work1.
55180XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Giving A Speech1.
55200XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Listening To Radio1.
55220XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Listening To Story1.
55240XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Playing Quietly1.
55260XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Playing Stringed Instrument1.
55280XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Playing With Bricks1.
55300XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Playing With Toys (Cards, Puzzles, Cars, Trains)
55320XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Puzzles1.
55340XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Quietly Sitting1.
55360XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Reading1.
55380XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Reading A Book And Listening To Music1.
55400XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Schoolwork1.
55420XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Sewing1.
55440XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Singing1.
55460XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Talking With Friend1.
55480XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Watching Tv/Dvd - Sitting1.
55500XQuiet Play/Schoolwork/Television (Sitting)Writing1.
60100XRunningJog - Fast7.
60120XRunningJog - Slow5.
60140XRunningJog Self-Paced6.
60320XRunningRun 7.09.310.211.011.8
60340XRunningRun 7.510.010.711.311.9
60360XRunningRun 8.010.611.512.413.2
60380XRunningRun Self-Paced7.
65100XSports/GamesBasketball - Game6.
65120XSports/GamesBasketball - Shooting And Retrieving A Basketball, Continuously, Without Stopping5.
65140XSports/GamesBasketball Game (Mini Basketball)
65160XSports/GamesBowling - Game5.
65180XSports/GamesBoxing - Punching Bag And Gloves4.
65200XSports/GamesCatch/Throw Ball4.
65220XSports/GamesGolf - Game (Mini Golf)
65260XSports/GamesHockey - Game (Mini Floor Hockey)
65300XSports/GamesKickball, Continuous Movement8.
65360XSports/GamesSlide Board - 40 Slides/Min4.
65380XSports/GamesSlide Board - 50 Slides/Min5.
65400XSports/GamesSlide Board - 60 Slides/Min5.
65420XSports/GamesSlide Board - 70 Slides/Min6.
65440XSports/GamesSlide Board - 80 Slides/Min5.
65460XSports/GamesSoccer - Around Cones5.
65480XSports/GamesSoccer - Game7.
65500XSports/GamesTable Tennis4.
65520XSports/GamesTennis Practice And Games6.
65540XSports/GamesUltimate Frisbbe5.
70100XStandingArcade Games - Table Football1.
70120XStandingBoard Games - Standing2.
70140XStandingDrawing, Coloring - Standing1.
70160XStandingSinging - Standing1.
70180XStandingStacking Cups1.
70220XStandingVideo Games - Standing1.
70240XStandingWatching Tv/Dvd - Standing1.
75100XSwimmingSwimming - 200M10.610.410.310.1
75120XSwimmingSwimming - Front Crawl 0.9 M.Sec9.
75140XSwimmingSwimming - Front Crawl 1.0 M.Sec10.
75160XSwimmingSwimming - Front Crawl 1.1 M.Sec10.610.410.210.1
75180XSwimmingSwimming - Self-Selected Pace9.
75200XSwimmingSynchronised Swimming10.
80260XWalkingWalk 4.5--a--a6.67.2
80280XWalkingWalk 5.0--a--a7.27.8
80300XWalkingWalk Self-Paced Brisk4.
80320XWalkingWalk Self-Paced Casual3.
85100XWeight Lifting*Hand Weights Exercises3.
85120XWeight Lifting*Strength Exercises - Bench Press2.
85140XWeight Lifting*Strength Exercises - Leg Press2.

Age group is designated by the placeholder X; the age ranges are represented by 2 (6-9 y), 3 (10-12 y), 4 (13-15 y), and 5 (16-18 y).
a Activity not deemed reasonable for this age group
* Energy cost of anaerobic activities may be underestimated by MET values