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Employment Rate

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What does this indicator mean?

Total number of employed adults divided by total adult workforce

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How is this indicator useful for creating and measuring activity-friendly places?

  • To measure the positive impact that increasing multi-modal access to business and commercial areas can have on the number and variety of employment opportunities (particularly for potential employees within walk, bike, and transit distance).
  • To identify communities that may benefit from increased job opportunities with livable wages.
  • To identify communities where affordable, accessible commuting options would improve access to quality job opportunities and to workers.
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What would help the most people benefit from this indicator?

  • Provide multi-modal commute options for employees who do not drive, particularly essential workers who do not have access to personal vehicles. 
  • Pursue multi-modal street enhancements that are safe and comfortable for all users in downtown and retail districts to boost business activity and employment opportunities.  
  • Provide quality pedestrian, bicycle, and transit infrastructure to improve access to businesses for a broader array of employees and customers.
  • Partner with employers to implement transportation demand management (TDM) initiatives combining incentives (e.g., subsidized/free transit and bike share access; quality bike parking, lockers, and showers; financial rewards for active commuting) and disincentives (e.g., restricted and market rate vehicle parking), to provide lower cost commute options, especially for lower income and essential workers.
  • Expand public transportation options that provide stable jobs and access to jobs for community members.