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Property Tax Revenue

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What does this indicator mean?

State or local tax revenues on real estate.

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How is this indicator useful for creating and measuring activity-friendly places?

  • To determine how much additional fiscal value has been created following activity-friendly community investments, such as walk, bike, and transit infrastructure.
  • To identify areas with quickly rising property values to inform policies and protections for financially vulnerable residents.
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What would help the most people benefit from this indicator?

  • Educate property developers and owners with examples showing that pedestrian-, bicycle-, and transit-friendly designs do not diminish property values or community character, and in most cases add attributes that are highly valued by home buyers and potential employees.
  • Reinvest increased public revenue in goods and services that respond to community needs (e.g., quality public spaces, discounted transit cards).
  • Provide incentives to developers in exchange for community benefits.
  • Earmark a portion of anticipated tax revenue increases to mitigate displacement.
  • Offer tenant protections from condo conversions if property values increase.
  • Zone for a wider range of housing options that are specific to the needs and context of a community.