Elevated view of farmers market surounded by taller buildings in a city.

Retail Sales per Square Foot

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What does this indicator mean?

Total retail sales divided by total square feet of retail space.

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How is this indicator useful for creating and measuring activity-friendly places?

  • To identify new business opportunities that can create more local revenue to benefit all community members.
  • To measure the positive impact that increasing multi-modal (walk, bike, and transit) access to retail areas can have on retail activity and sales revenue.
  • To determine areas that do and do not have access to retail areas within a 15-minute walk, bike-ride, or public transportation trip and which may benefit from increased investments in active transportation infrastructure and access.
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What would help the most people benefit from this indicator?

  • Work with communities to identify how and where to reinvest additional tax revenue.
  • Utilize planning, zoning, and permitting practices to intentionally mix residential land uses with retail, commercial, and service activities; this includes placing residences above housing in multi-story urban and village centers, and placing small retail clusters in residential neighborhoods.
  • Support the creation of local Business Improvement Districts that are led by and serve local entrepreneurs, including entrepreneurs of color, to help them market their neighborhoods and attract more customers.
  • Improve pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access to retail districts to accommodate and welcome a more diverse group of customers and employees.