Missions & Goals

The mission of the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) is to accelerate progress in reducing childhood obesity for all children, with particular attention to high-risk populations and communities.

NCCOR is focused on:

  • Collaborating to turn the tide on childhood obesity
  • Supporting researchers and practitioners with tools that help build the capacity for research and surveillance
  • Maximizing outcomes from research and supporting evaluations
  • Using innovation to stimulate broad thinking to generate fresh, synergistic ideas
  • Increasing knowledge to find solutions by promoting new research funding mechanisms and translating and disseminating research findings
  • Looking to the road ahead and building new partnerships to solve problems

NCCOR focuses on efforts to:

  1. Identify, design, and evaluate practical and sustainable interventions.
  2. Increase and improve national, state, and local surveillance of childhood obesity.
  3. Improve the ability of childhood obesity researchers and program evaluators to conduct research and program evaluation.
  4. Provide national leadership to accelerate implementation of evidence-informed practice and policy.
  5. Work with non-traditional health partners to integrate childhood obesity priorities with synergistic initiatives (e.g., environmental design and sustainability, food systems, food marketing, disabilities, or economics).