Measures Registry Resource Suite

Free, trusted, and time-saving! The Measures Registry Resource Suite offers research tools to help researchers, practitioners, and students improve their work by using resources supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

Our resources span the four domains of childhood obesity research:

  • Individual diet iconIndividual Diet
  • Food Environment
  • Individual physical activityIndividual Physical Activity
  • Physical Activity Environment iconPhysical Activity Environment

How to use the Resource Suite

  • Start
    START with an overview of the domains by watching the Measures Registry Learning Modules
  • Select
    SELECT the domain(s) and review the corresponding Measures Registry User Guides
  • Use
    USE the Measures Registry, select the appropriate measure to address your research or evaluation question.
  • Determine
    DETERMINE whether adaptation is needed for your population using the Measures for Children at High Risk for Obesity Decision Tree.

About the tools

Measure Registry

Measures Registry

NCCOR’s landmark tool is the Measures Registry. The Measures Registry provides users with a searchable database of more than 1,600 articles with more than 200 discrete measures to answer their research questions.

Need help selecting the most appropriate measure for your work? Check out the User Guides and Learning Modules below to find out how!
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Measure Registry User Guides

Measures Registry User Guides

NCCOR’s Measures Registry User Guides are a great resource for those seeking detailed instructions on how to find the best measure for their work. Each User Guide section features a case study that walks you through the process of finding the right measure for your research question, provides an overview of measurement, and describes general principles of measure selection for each of the four domains.
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Measure Registry Learning Modules

Measures Registry Learning Modules

NCCOR’s Measures Registry Learning Modules are ideal for users newer to research and evaluation, or those who need a refresher on key research concepts. The Learning Modules walk you through measurement selection on your own time through 5 to 15-minute modules in the four major domains.
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Measures for Children at High Risk for Obesity Decision Tree

Measures for Children at High Risk for Obesity Decision Tree

NCCOR’s Decision Tree walks researchers and practitioners through a series of questions regarding whether to develop, adapt, or apply an instrument for obesity measures in high-risk populations. The decision tree also provides five real-world case scenarios that describe the rationale for choosing one of the three measurement approaches.
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