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Big News! NCCOR’s Catalogue of Surveillance Systems now includes sleep variables, providing a richer understanding of risk factors for childhood obesity. Discover more at 😴 #ChildhoodObesity #SleepResearch

The @NCCOR 2023 Annual Report, “Making a Strategic Difference,” highlights a year of achievements and the power of partnership in advancing childhood obesity research. Access the full report:

NCCOR’s Connect & Explore webinars are the perfect resource for those researching childhood obesity. Access years of previously recorded webinars featuring top experts in the field – all available for free! @NCCOR

Are you looking for an accurate way to measure energy expenditure in youth? The @NCCOR Youth Compendium provides validated data for a variety of physical activities. #youthhealth #research

Building active communities is not just about physical exercise, but can also improve mental health and social connectedness. Explore @NCCOR’s toolkit for innovative strategies on creating thriving and equitable neighborhoods. #healthylifestyle #communitybuilding

Looking for evidence-based strategies to evaluate childhood obesity interventions? A Toolkit for Evaluating Childhood Healthy Weight Programs from @NCCOR provides a wealth of resources to help you measure your success. #childhoodobesity #evaluation

NCCOR’s landmark tool, the Measures Registry, now includes more measures tested in high-risk populations, more measures for children aged 0–5, and more languages. Find free and trusted measures from @NCCOR at

Looking for a method to assess adiposity in children? @NCCOR has a guide that will help you understand common adiposity assessment methods & identify ones appropriate for your work. #childhoodobesity

Save time with @NCCOR! The Catalogue of Surveillance Systems provides one-stop access to over 100 publicly available datasets related to #childhoodobesity research.

Build research capacity with @NCCOR tools. Developed for researchers, public health practitioners, educators, and students, NCOOR’s tools can assist through all phases of a phases of a project from selecting measures to evaluation.

Discover the power of data! NCCOR offers a suite of tools with data from trusted public health sources to support scientific innovation and collaboration 📈🔬 Learn more at

The 2022 NCCOR Annual Report—Connecting Research to Communities—highlights efforts to empower those working to create healthy environments for all children. Learn more about @NCCOR at

NCCOR works to accelerate progress to reduce childhood obesity by bringing together the four largest #childhoodobesity research funders: CDC, NIH, RWJF, and USDA. Find free tools and resources related to childhood obesity research at

Children and their families at high risk for obesity are often under-represented in instrument validation studies. NCCOR’s Measures for Children at High Risk for Obesity guides you whether to develop, adapt, or apply an instrument for high-risk populations.

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