Purpose: This Request for Proposals (RFP) is focused on
promoting the adoption of healthy lifestyles by all members of an identified community as current research indicates that overweight and obesity is not a “childhood” issue, but a community issue that is deeply rooted in cultural norms. In order to ensure that the
successful application provides meaningful results within the community, the foundation is asking that applicants sharpen the focus of project activities to address a well-defined target area.
Because overweight and obesity is a problem that exists on multiple levels including: social, economic, environmental and cultural, healthy behaviors of children and families must be supported, incentivized and adopted by the larger community. To do this, the
successful applicant will develop a proposal that not only encourages the adoption of better nutrition and physical fitness behaviors, but also creates environmental and policy
changes that support and sustain healthy lifestyles.
Receipt Date: The letter of intent is due on May 1. The full proposal submission is due August 1.
Total Awards: The Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation anticipates making one award of up to $300,000 over a two to three-year grant period.
Eligibility: The lead agency must be a qualified nonprofit organization located in Broome County, New York. Government entities will not be eligible to act as a lead agency but are welcome to participate as community partners.
Link: http://www.kleefoundation.org/downloads/Klee-Foundation-RFP.pdf
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