Purpose: The NIH-funded Johns Hopkins Global Obesity Prevention Center (JHGOPC) is seeking applications for research that focuses on time-sensitive changes in environments or policies that may reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity. Projects should take a systems perspective and have the potential to inform the development or confirmation of community- or population-based interventions. We invite applications from investigators at all career levels in the United States and globally.

This solicitation is for research that requires short-cycle funding decisions (‘rapid response’ studies). Awards will be announced approximately three months from the RFA release date. Eligible studies must be associated with actual policies or processes that are pending in real world settings (e.g., natural experiments), requiring “time-sensitive” data collection that would not be possible if the funding decision were made on a regular 9-month NIH review cycle. The JHGOPC RFAs are re-issued every six months, in January and July.

Receipt Date: Aug. 4, 2014 (One page concept summary)
September 12, 2014 (proposal due)
Total Awards:  JHGOPC will fund one or two projects for a maximum of $30,000 total costs
Eligibility: Proposals are welcomed from researchers anywhere in the world from diverse backgrounds and at varying career levels. The research may be based in the United States or in other countries. Researchers who are in the early stages of their careers are strongly encouraged to apply. Researchers must be affiliated with a university, agency, or research center that meets the same eligibility criteria that apply to NIH funding. See http://grants.nih.gov/grants/grant_basics.htm#eligible.
Link: http://www.globalobesity.org/resources-and-opportunities/Pilot%20Funding%20Round%206
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