Find all major sources of childhood obesity data in one location: NCCOR’s Catalogue of Surveillance Systems

Are you, your students, or your colleagues studying childhood obesity? NCCOR’s Catalogue of Surveillance Systems is a free, online resource that connects you to more than 100 publicly available datasets. The recently updated Catalogue streamlines the process of finding the datasets you need, expanding your options, while saving you time.

Designed by and for childhood obesity researchers, the Catalogue is a premiere tool that allows researchers to easily identify data resources related to childhood obesity, compare attributes across systems, and link to other resources of interest.

As one investigator writes, “I found the information I was looking for in 10 minutes! Without this resource, it would have taken me days to contact people responsible for each survey and review and download multiple surveys and accompanying documentation online to find the information.”

With the Catalogue, you’ll find a detailed profile of datasets that you can filter by level, scope, key variables, age groups, racial/ethnic groups, design, and cost. It currently includes 83 systems with diet-related variables and 51 systems with physical activity-related variables.

Access the Catalogue or watch a video on how to use the Catalogue.

The Catalogue is just one of several NCCOR tools to help researchers work more efficiently and effectively. Also check out the following:

  • The Measures Registry is a searchable database of more than 1,000 diet and physical activity measures relevant to childhood obesity research.
  • The Registry of Studies is a searchable database of community-based studies assessing known factors impacting rates of childhood obesity.
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