NCCOR, The JPB Foundation strengthen alliance to support Measures Registry

Through a three-year grant from The JPB Foundation, NCCOR will continue to strengthen its landmark Measures Registry, a free, online, searchable database of diet and physical activity measures relevant to childhood obesity research. This new grant will promote the Measures Registry, support training in measures selection, examine adaptation of measures for distinct populations and communities, and define next steps in measurement science to accelerate progress in reducing childhood obesity.

In 2015, The JPB Foundation supported the development of Measures Registry User Guides, designed to help childhood obesity researchers and practitioners choose appropriate measures for their research and evaluation efforts. The User Guides help move the field forward by fostering more consistent use of measures, which allows for standardization, meta-analyses, and synthesis.

“Funding for work enhancing measures and measurement is not always easy to obtain. However, good measurement is fundamental to research and evaluation in public health and childhood obesity.” said Dr. David Berrigan, Program Director of the Health Behaviors Research Branch in the Division of Cancer Control and Population Science at the National Cancer Institute. “This funding from The JBP Foundation for further work on measures relevant to childhood obesity is a welcome boost to NCCOR efforts to provide the best possible tools to advance prevention and control of childhood obesity.”

This grant continues a strategic funding alliance between The JPB Foundation and NCCOR. Strategic funding alliances allow the Collaborative to engage with other funders in targeted efforts to advance the field of childhood obesity research. The JPB Foundation strives to enhance the quality of life in the United States through transformational initiatives that promote the health of our communities by creating opportunities for those living in poverty, enabling pioneering medical research, and enriching and sustaining our environment.

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