New infographics to help users search NCCOR’s Catalogue and Registry

The National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) recently unveiled new infographics that provide users with a visual reference of the various options to sort or “filter” items in the Catalogue of Surveillance Systems and Measures Registry online tools.

These two identically structured infographics display the filter options for the Catalogue and Registry along a color wheel where each section, or filter category is represented by a different color family. In this way, the infographics help users quickly identify the availability of filter options in both tools. Check them out here.

The Catalogue currently contains more than 85 systems, which can be filtered by various system characteristics: level (e.g., individual, school, macro/policy), scope, key variables (e.g., weight-related, diet-related), age groups, racial/ethnic groups, design, and cost.

The Registry currently contains more than 800 measures. These can be filtered by domain, measure type, age, and context. Useful details for each measure are captured in the Registry, such as validity and reliability, protocol, cost, and more.

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