Call for comments: NIH P2P Workshop

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) hosted a Pathways to Prevention (P2P) Workshop December 5–6, 2017, to provide an unbiased, evidence-based assessment of methods for evaluating natural experiments in obesity. The workshop brought together a distinguished panel of five researchers and over 30 speakers to identify research gaps. The speakers addressed six overarching questions about data sources, methodology, measures, risk of bias, and needed advances in methodology and analytics.

NCCOR members helped plan the workshop and shared NCCOR resources with participants. Presentations by Dr. Shari Barkin, Dr. Jamie Chriqui, Dr. Lisa Powell, and Dr. James Sallis highlighted NCCOR’s Measures Registry and Catalogue of Surveillance Systems and included recommendations to make these tools even more robust for researchers and practitioners.

Following the two-day workshop, the independent panel produced a draft report summarizing workshop presentations, identifying research gaps, and sharing recommendations on ways the research community can increase the methodological rigor of natural experiments. The draft report is open for public comment, and NIH is seeking responses by January 29, 2018. To submit your feedback, please reference a corresponding line number of the report and submit your comments via email to

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