NCCOR Releases 2022 Annual Report Highlighting Community Focused Resources

The 2022 Annual Report, Connecting Research to Communities, highlights NCCOR’s unique role in building a community among federal agencies, practitioners, students, and scientists working in children’s health. In the past year, NCCOR expanded its reach to new audiences by launching user-friendly tools. The 2022 Annual Report demonstrates how NCCOR connects research to communities and empowers those working to create healthy environments for all children. Featured projects include:

  • Create Thriving, Activity-Friendly Communities: Making the Case for Investments in Activity-Friendly Communities
    NCCOR’s new tool helps communities make the business case for investing in more sidewalks, trails, and parks to improve living conditions and spur economic activity. It contains a suite of customizable materials, including slides, talking points, and a factsheet based on years of NCCOR’s physical activity research.
  • Economic Indicators Library
    The library contains 10 data indicators influencing the quality of life in local communities, such as housing affordability, green space, and air quality. Communities can prioritize indicators as they plan for improvements or measure the benefits of activity-friendly communities.
  • NCCOR Published Research
    In addition to connecting with communities, NCCOR continues to publish research for scientists, health providers, and public health practitioners. The Annual Report summarizes NCCOR’s latest publications, including papers on active travel to school, pedestrian safety, and the pandemic’s continued impact on early childhood care centers.

This year’s report also contains a list of conferences, webinars, presentations, and a detailed list of NCCOR members, making it an excellent introduction to NCCOR for those new to childhood obesity research and a helpful catalog of recent achievements in the field. Copies are available to download on the NCCOR website.

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