The National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) is pursuing work to address the economics research gap in childhood obesity, connect with new partners, establish a platform for economics research, and develop an agenda to stimulate research on the cost effectiveness and benefit of interventions. These planned efforts align with recommendations made by the NCCOR External Scientific Panel. In 2013, NCCOR formed the Economics and Obesity Workgroup   to focus on achieving these goals. The workgroup created and distributed a survey to NCCOR membership to discern NCCOR funders’ current activities. The workgroup also conducted a literature review to understand the gaps in economics and obesity research.

The April 2016 edition of American Journal of Preventive Medicine included an article, co-authored by NCCOR members from this workgroup, titled, “Obesity-Related Policy/Environmental Interventions: A Systematic Review of Economic Analysis.”

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