The Registry of Studies is a searchable database of community-based studies assessing known factors impacting rates of childhood obesity. It provides information on the study design, measures, content areas, and populations examined. The inaugural four studies were chosen because they are large scale and community-based. The tool aims to accelerate childhood obesity research by guiding the research community to currently funded studies that can serve as illustrative approaches to design and measurement. The platform houses studies representing NCCOR’s funders, but future criteria for submitting a study to the Registry of Studies will be developed so that the tool can expand and support future community-based research efforts.

A second phase of the Registry of Studies project is currently underway. The Matrix Project, also using illustrative studies, identifies specific components of community-based initiatives, policies, and practices that are expected to influence rates of childhood obesity. The Matrix Project will provide a comparison of measurement and methods across studies, as well as definitions of constructs measured in order to promote harmonization of outcomes once studies have been completed. In addition, once study results are published, researchers interested in implementation of new prevention or treatment studies will be able to identify promising drivers of change in the community setting. The Matrix can further inform researcher’s choice of specific measurement strategies within context.

This project aligns with NCCOR’s goal to improve the ability of childhood obesity researchers and program evaluators to conduct research and program evaluation and to provide national leadership to accelerate implementation of evidence-informed practice and policy.

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