NCCOR Celebrates National Parks and Recreation Month

In honor of National Parks and Recreation Month, NCCOR is sharing tools and resources for childhood obesity researchers and practitioners related to getting active outdoors!

Americans across the country are still advised to socially distance and generally stay at home, visiting parks can be a great way to get some fresh air and exercise (while wearing a mask and maintaining 6 feet of space). If you’re working on a project relating to staying active during this time, whether that be parks and recreation or physical activity in general, here are some NCCOR resources that might be helpful for you:

  • This Connect & Explore webinar featuring graduate student Tyler Prochnow shows how he used NCCOR’s Measures Registry to conduct a study on kids’ physical activity levels during the summer.
  • NCCOR’s Youth Compendium of Physical Activities provides a list of 196 common activities in which youth participate and the estimated energy cost associated with each activity. You can find the energy cost of many outdoor activities, such as walking, running, or swimming. The Compendium is now available in Spanish!
  • If you’re looking for COVID-19 resources related to childhood obesity, NCCOR has compiled them here.
  • This blog from the American College of Sports Medicine explains the role of physical activity in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and reducing health disparities.
  • This dataset from the Catalogue of Surveillance Systems, called “National Survey on Recreation and the Environment,” collected data about participation in outdoor recreational activities, and related behaviors and attitudes for individuals in the United States.
  • The Physical Activity Environment module series in NCCOR’s Measures Registry Learning Modules addresses why the built environment is important to physical activity and what can be gained from using existing physical activity and environment assessment tools.

To learn more about NCCOR’s resources, visit and follow us on social media @NCCOR!


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