NCCOR Year in Review: 2019

It’s been another busy and productive year for the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research. This year, NCCOR launched brand-new resources, collaborated across agencies through workshops, disseminated information at multiple conferences, and more.

Here are some highlights of what NCCOR did in 2019:

  • Enhanced the Measures Registry Resource Suite by launching the new Measures Registry Learning Modules. This tool is designed to complement the Measures Registry and Measures Registry User Guides and assists researchers and practitioners with choosing the best measures across the four domains of the Measures Registry: individual diet, food environment, individual physical activity and physical activity environment.
  • Launched the NCCOR Student Hub, a new quarterly student e-newsletter, geared towards helping students maximize use of NCCOR tools for coursework and research projects.
  • Held three workshops to advance new measurement methods for the field.
  • Facilitated two Connect & Explore webinars: “From Purchase to Plate: Linking USDA Nutrition Data with Retail Scanner Data to Assess the Healthfulness of America’s Food-at-Home Purchases” and “Measures Registry Learning Modules: Helping You Understand Measurement Concepts and Approaches for Diet and Physical Activity.”
  • Created new products for our tools and resources to make them more user-friendly for certain groups. For example, NCCOR produced a new Student Resource Guide with information on NCCOR tools and case studies to help students navigate our wealth of resources. We also created a fact sheet on the Youth Compendium geared directly towards classroom teachers and a fact sheet on how professors can incorporate the Measures Registry Resource Suite into their curricula. There is also a one-page guide on how to incorporate NCCOR tools into grant proposals.
  • Engaged 55 outside experts in childhood obesity research through NCCOR meetings, workshops, and our Connect & Explore webinar series.
  • Attended and shared information at eight conferences: Active Living Conference, Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Conference, Healthy Eating Research Annual Conference, Society for Public Health Education Annual Conference, the Future of Food and Nutrition Graduate Student Research Conference, Society of Nutrition 2019, Childhood Obesity Conference 2019, and the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting.

To learn more about what NCCOR did in 2019, stay tuned for NCCOR’s 2019 Annual Report!

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