New from NCCOR: Create Thriving, Activity-Friendly Communities

Promote the health of your community with NCCOR’s newest tool,  Create Thriving, Activity-Friendly Communities: Making the Case for Investments in Activity-Friendly Communities. This new resource collection builds on NCCOR’s years of physical activity research, by helping public health practitioners, decision-makers, and community members make the business case for investing in activity-friendly environments. On the NCCOR website, you will find ready-made materials to facilitate conversations with local leaders. Resources include:

  • Tips for talking about the economic benefits of activity-friendly communities: Start the conversation around activity-friendly communities with talking points and questions to guide you.
  • Making the Business Case for Activity-Friendly Places fact sheet: Bring this factsheet with you to a community town hall or meeting to share an overview of 10 measurable benefits of activity-friendly places, popular approaches to creating activity-friendly places, and a case studies, and other examples.
  • Customizable presentation: Download our PowerPoint presentation, which you can customize. The template allows you to insert your own data and images and choose what benefits to emphasize based on the needs of your community.
  • Recent research articles and other relevant resources: Learn more with two recent research articles NCCOR published on the benefits of improving the built environment, as well as resources and tools from other organizations.

Stay Tuned for More Resources to Create Thriving, Activity-Friendly Communities
This fall NCCOR will release an Economic Indicators Library that can be used to help your community decide what to indicators to prioritize and measure based on relevance to the most pressing local issues and needs, and your community’s vision for the future. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of updated content.

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