Now Live: NCCOR’s Measures Registry Learning Modules

Washington, DC –This month, the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) unveiled an exciting new resource to help researchers, practitioners, students, and faculty understand key measurement concepts for research and evaluation projects related to nutrition and physical activity. The Measures Registry Learning Modules includes an introductory module and four modules for each domain of the Measures Registry. This project was funded by The JPB Foundation.

NCCOR’s goal in introducing the Measures Registry Learning Modules is to provide a useful resource for those in the field to better understand how to use the Measures Registry for their work. The Modules highlight key concepts in the Measures Registry User Guides in four 15-minute videos, making it easier to understand measurement issues in the four major domains of the Measures Registry: individual diet, food environment, individual physical activity, and physical activity environment. They also help walk users through use of the Measures Registry—a searchable database of diet and physical activity measures relevant to childhood obesity research. These trusted tools will save time and ultimately accelerate progress in childhood obesity research.

To learn more about the new Learning Modules and hear from the experts who created them– Dr. Jordan Carlson, Dr. Sharon Kirkpatrick, Dr. Leslie Lytle, and Dr. Gregory Welk, check out this interactive webinar titled “Measures Registry Learning Modules: Helping You Understand Measurement Concepts and Approaches for Diet and Physical Activity Research.” Be on the lookout for upcoming webinars on the Measures Registry Learning Modules that can show you how to make use of this resource in your next research project.

If you use NCCOR’s new Measures Registry Learning Modules, be sure to let us know on social media—we may even feature you in our next webinar!

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