NIH webinar: Strengths and weaknesses of experimental and quasi-experimental designs

The National Institutes of Health Office of Disease Prevention (OPD) is hosting a webinar tomorrow for their Medicine: Mind the Gap seminar featuring Dr. William R. Shadish, distinguished professor and founding faculty of the University of California, Merced. Dr. Shadish will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of experimental and quasi-experimental designs.

Recent years have seen important advances in the design and analysis of both randomized experiments and quasi-experiments. In particular, research has focused on empirical tests of the conditions under which nonrandomized experiments can approximate answers from a randomized experiment. Such efforts have a long history in fields such as medicine, psychology, and economics. Recent work is prompted by evidence-based practice and theoretical advances such as Rubin’s causal model.

This webinar will review illustrative studies that demonstrate the direction such work is taking and the results that seem to be emerging in regard to nonrandomized control group designs, regression discontinuity designs, and interrupted time series designs.

The webinar will take place on Nov. 5 from 1-3 p.m. (EST). To access the webinar, visit

To submit a question before or during the webinar, please email or join the conversation via Twitter by using #NIHMtG.

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