Materials from NIH Workshop on the Prevention of Obesity in Infancy and Early Childhood

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently held a Workshop on the Prevention of Obesity in Infancy and Early Childhood that brought together scientists with expertise in pediatric obesity, epidemiology, developmental psychology, developmental and behavioral pediatrics, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, temperament, and parenting to determine:

  • What is known regarding risk for excess weight gain in infancy and early childhood
  • What is known regarding interventions that are promising or have been shown to be efficacious
  • Challenges and opportunities in implementing and evaluating behavioral interventions in parents and other caregivers and their young children

The goal of this trans-NIH workshop was to provide the scientific background to inform research that will develop and test interventions to prevent inappropriate weight gain during infancy and early childhood, with a goal of increasing the proportion of children who enter school age at a healthy weight. ​

To access an FTP site containing the workshop presentations, speaker templates and agenda, please click HERE. Please note that some users may receive a warning message when opening the files, as some servers may not recognize the FTP site as safe. Please simply click “yes” if this occurs. Also, these materials will only be available on this FTP site until March 1.



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