NCCOR Connect & Explore Webinar on relationship between childhood obesity declines, disparities

NCCOR’s Connect & Explore Webinar takes a closer look at childhood obesity declines, disparities, and opportunities to reconsider the design and impact of policies and interventions

While most of the United States continues to see increasing or steady childhood obesity rates, some areas are seeing modest though important declines. Yet these declines have not been uniform across all groups. The declines are often smaller among groups at the greatest risk, including black and Latino youth and those in low-income communities. The differences in declines among groups can lead to increased racial and ethnic disparities in these communities.

Examining the interplay between disparities and declines requires a look toward environmental factors that can have larger effects on disadvantaged and minority children. “Several aspects of the environment, including access, information, and economics contribute to disparities in childhood obesity,” said Shiriki Kumanyika, emeritus professor of epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and chair of the African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network (AACORN). Also as president of the American Public Health Association (APHA), Kumanyika is leading research efforts to better document, understand, and reduce these inequities and identify potential solutions.

Interventions are often designed to target segments of disadvantaged populations, but there is an opportunity to reconsider strategies that approach communities—and disadvantage—in a broader way. “Population-based approaches can increase disparities and more targeted interventions can have little to no impact the population overall” said Tim Lobstein, director of policy, World Obesity Policy and Prevention, World Obesity Federation. “We need to explore alternative approaches that benefit all groups, with additional benefit to those at greatest risk.”

Connect & Explore gives you the chance to hear from internationally renowned researchers on this pressing issue. Learn why disparities persist despite declines in some communities and discuss how the design and impact of interventions can lead to more equitable opportunities for healthy choices and environments.

Join us at 2 pm, Eastern, on Tuesday, July 14, for the one-hour event. Speakers include:

  • Shiriki Kumanyika, Emeritus Professor, Epidemiology, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine; Chair, African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network (AACORN); President, American Public Health Association (APHA)
  • Tim Lobstein, Director of Policy, World Obesity Federation

You must register to receive webinar access. The event is free, but attendance is limited, so tell a friend and register today!

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