To find the solution to childhood obesity, NCCOR looks globally

Obesity is a global issue. High rates of childhood obesity around the world are prompting governments, organizations, and communities to take action in unprecedented ways. This includes developing and implementing policy measures, media campaigns, and community-wide diet-related and physical activity initiatives.

In October 2014, the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) held a one-day forum—funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)—to convene leading international and interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners to share lessons learned from global efforts to reduce childhood obesity in the United States and worldwide. Using childhood obesity as a case study, forum participants considered emerging areas and cross-cutting goals to achieve RWJF’s mission of a Culture of Health.

In support of this work, NCCOR invites you to share the summary report and view and share presentations from the forum. Explore pressing issues in childhood obesity from a global perspective, including:

  • Promising and innovative strategies for promoting healthy eating and active living
  • Ideas for ensuring accountable and effective public health-industry partnerships
  • Interventions designed to reduce inequities

Hear from speakers directly—ranging from Dr. James Sallis of the University of California, San Diego discussing leading examples of physical activity programs around the world to Dr. Tim Lobstein of the World Obesity Federation explaining how the design of interventions impacts inequities.

Harnessing lessons learned from countries around the world on the drivers of childhood obesity and potential solutions offers insight that can accelerate the knowledge base and spur action. Stakeholders from various disciplines can establish a shared vision to reduce and prevent the burden of obesity.

Please use the hashtag #GlobalLessons to help us share these resources and continue the dialogue and international collaboration necessary to move the field forward.

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