Celebrating a Milestone: NCCOR’s 2023 Annual Report Showcases Strategic Impact on Childhood Obesity Research

NCCOR announces the publication of our 2023 Annual Report, “Making a Strategic Difference.” The report highlights the past year’s achievements and features a special section celebrating NCCOR’s 15-year anniversary.

A Legacy of Impact and Innovation
When NCCOR began, childhood obesity rates were rising, and prevention research faced several challenges. The field needed new measures, and organizations had few opportunities to collaborate, share resources, or create a cohesive approach. In response, leading funders proposed a pioneering solution—a research collaborative that would harness the power of multi-agency and multi-disciplinary teams to advance strategic priorities that no single organization could accomplish alone.

Today, NCCOR stands as a testament to the power of collaboration. Over the past 15 years, NCCOR has created seven innovative research tools, published over 200 resources and research articles, hosted more than 70 webinars and workshops, and fostered a dynamic research community. The 2023 Annual Report highlights this history and features a visually engaging timeline showcasing a selection of NCCOR’s major activities and achievements.

Highlighting Key Achievements of 2023
In addition to reflecting on NCCOR’s history, the 2023 Annual Report highlights accomplishments of the past year, including:

Please visit the NCCOR website for more information and to download the full 2023 Annual Report.

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