Sleep Variables Now Available in NCCOR’s Catalogue of Surveillance Systems

Launched over a decade ago, NCCOR’s Catalogue of Surveillance Systems (CSS) has become an indispensable resource for childhood obesity research, providing centralized access to over 100 relevant data sets. Now, NCCOR is again accelerating progress in childhood obesity research by incorporating new sleep variables into 36 datasets in the database.

Like diet and physical activity, research suggests that sleep is an important determinant of childhood obesity. Adequate sleep is crucial for regulating appetite hormones, controlling food cravings, and supporting overall metabolic health. While the relationship between sleep and obesity is known, few resources exist where researchers can access comprehensive data with intersecting variables on sleep, diet, and physical activity.

By integrating new sleep variables into the CSS, NCCOR is filling this critical gap and enabling researchers, health care providers, and public health practitioners to explore the intricate relationship between sleep and childhood obesity easily and efficiently. This expansion not only facilitates better understanding but also streamlines research efforts, ultimately promoting more effective interventions and public health strategies to combat childhood obesity.

Users will benefit from the addition of the following sleep-related filter options:

  • Physical sleep environment
  • Social sleep environment
  • Sleep duration and quantity
  • Sleep disturbances and quality
  • Sleep timing and regularity

The Catalogue of Surveillance Systems is available at

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