The National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) seeks to gather findings from research relevant to childhood obesity prevention that can be translated and used in clinical and community settings. The NCCOR Engaging Health Care Providers and Systems project proposes to help identify partnerships and foster engagement between clinical settings (including hospitals and health care systems) and communities to support interventions addressing primary and secondary obesity prevention including enhancing active living and healthy eating. As part of this effort, the project is identifying gaps and opportunities to determine specific areas that NCCOR and its members might address in collaboration with other interested parties working in these areas, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association. To pursue these goals, the workgroup convened a November 2015 workshop, sponsored and led by NCCOR.

The workshop, Evaluating Clinical-Community Engagement Models: What Works and What Doesn’t, examined integrated clinical and community models and programs—including those arising from community-benefit requirements—and assessed what has been done to evaluate the models’ and programs’ effectiveness.

Following the workshop, the workgroup has identified the following priority areas:

  • Improving measurement and evaluation efforts (supporting evaluation efforts, defining and promoting value, creating methodologies to compare across programs, etc.)
  • Strengthening bi-directional engagement between health care and community entities
  • Enhancing the development or distribution of tools being used to evaluate effective processes and outcomes resulting from these interventions
  • Developing communication forums and other approaches for enhancing the knowledge about effective implementation strategies

The workgroup synthesized workshop key learnings and outcomes in a white paper, logic model, and metrics released October 2016 available for download below. The logic model and metrics are also available for download separately in modifiable versions that organizations/researchers can edit and use for their own programs.


The workgroup is also considering the development of other products and activities, such as forums for enhancing knowledge of evolving state-of-the art practice in this area, and identification of priority research areas to inform future efforts.

In 2016, NCCOR hosted a three-part Connect & Explore webinar series titled “Evaluating Health Care-Community Collaborations,” which explored how clinics, health care providers, and health systems engage communities in addressing the childhood obesity epidemic.

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