Just Released: NCCOR’s 2019 Annual Report

This month, NCCOR released the 2019 Annual Report, “Building the Future,” which highlights accomplishments from its tenth year. Here’s a glimpse into some of what NCCOR did last year!

In 2019, NCCOR:

  • Released the Measures Registry Learning Modules, a series of 5 to 15-minute videos that highlight concepts from the four domain-specific Measures Registry User Guides. Launched in September the modules received nearly 12,000 pageviews by the end of the year.
  • Held the first two in a series of three workshops, supported by The JPB Foundation, aimed at understanding what we need to measure, including newer domains to NCCOR like sleep and sedentary behavior as it relates to childhood obesity. The first workshop focused on advancing measurement of individual behaviors related to childhood obesity and the second focused on advancing measurement for high-risk populations and communities related to childhood obesity.” In January 2020, NCCOR published a white paper online, resulting from the first workshop, called “Advancing Measurement of Individual Behaviors Related to Childhood Obesity: Implications and Recommendations for the Field.”
  • Launched the Student Hub e-newsletter, a new quarterly e-newsletter for graduate students and faculty, highlighting NCCOR resources that are helpful for coursework and research projects.
  • Completed six sessions of its Collaborative Learning Project—a virtual learning platform spearheaded by NCCOR’s Engaging Health Care Providers and Systems Workgroup. This project brought together experts from medical, academic, and community-based organizations. The Workgroup is synthesizing the collected information to inform the development of an evaluation toolkit for community-based healthy weight programs.
  • Disseminated information about childhood obesity research tools and resources for the field at nine conferences across the country: Active Living Conference, Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Conference, Healthy Eating Research Annual Conference, Society for Public Health Education Annual Conference, the Future of Food and Nutrition Graduate Student Research Conference, CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity (DNPAO) National Training, American Society for Nutrition 2019, Childhood Obesity Conference 2019, and the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting.

Read the Annual Report here to learn more about NCCOR’s accomplishments in 2019!

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