NCCOR’s Tools Support Distance Learning

As classrooms go virtual and distance learning becomes the new normal, finding trustworthy, online resources as a student or professor may be challenging.

NCCOR’s Student Hub makes remote learning easier! We provide students and faculty with free, time-saving, reliable tools to support your coursework and classroom. All of these resources are available anytime online!

NCCOR has a variety of resources to choose from, but we recommend using the Measures Registry Resources Suite. This is a suite of three tools – the Measures Registry, User Guides, and Learning Modules – that teach you key measurement concepts and how to find appropriate measures for childhood obesity-related research and evaluation projects. These online resources are great tools for remote and self-paced learning.

We also have a Connect & Explore webinar series which brings the experts to you! Browse through our archived webinars so you can learn from leading experts in the field on a variety of topics.

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