NCCOR gratefully recognizes The JPB Foundation for funding the development of the Measures Registry User Guides. NCCOR also extends its sincere thanks to the NCCOR Steering Committee, NCCOR Members, and the following individuals for their contributions to the guides.


Individual Diet

Sharon Kirkpatrick, PhD, MHSc, RD
Amanda Raffoul, MSc

Food Environment

Leslie Lytle, PhD
Allison Myers, PhD, MPH

Individual Physical Activity

Gregory Welk, PhD
James Morrow, PhD, FACSM, FNAK
Pedro Saint-Maurice, PhD

Physical Activity Environment

Jordan Carlson, PhD
Kelsey Dean, MS, RD, LD, CCRP
James Sallis, PhD


Food and Nutrition Expert Panel

Alice Ammerman, DrPH, RD
Carol Boushey, PhD, MPH, RD
Karen Webb, PhD, MPH
Gail Woodward-Lopez, MPH, RD

Physical Activity Expert Panel

Genevieve Dunton, PhD, MPH
Patty Freedson, PhD
Brian Saelens, PhD

Measures Registry User Guide Project Team

NCCOR Members

Rachel Ballard, MD, MPH
David Berrigan, PhD, MPH (co-lead)
Stephanie George, PhD, MPH
Jill Reedy, PhD, MPH, RD (co-lead)

NCCOR Coordinating Center

LaVerne Canady, MPA
Adee Kennedy, MS, MPH
Todd Phillips, MS
Anne Rodgers
Amanda Samuels, MS, MPH
Namita Vaidya, MPH

We would also like to thank Seung Hee Lee-Kwan, PhD, MS, Latetia Freeman Moore, PhD, MSPH, Sohyun Park, PhD, Jesus Soares, ScD, MSc, and Tina Kauh, PhD, for reviewing the final draft of the guides.

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