NCCOR wishes to acknowledge the NCCOR Steering Committee, NCCOR Members, and the following individuals for their contributions to this resource. NCCOR gratefully recognizes The JPB Foundation for funding this resource and associated workshop.

Case Study Authors

  • Uriyoán Colón-Ramos, ScD, MPA (Case Study 2)
  • Lisa Goldman Rosas, PhD, MPH (Case Study 1)
  • Matthew Lee, MPH (Case Study 3)
  • Teresia O’Connor, MD, MPH (Case Study 5)
  • Pasquale Rummo, PhD, MPH (Case Study 3)
  • Simona Kwon, DrPH, MPH (Case Study 3)
  • Melicia Whitt-Glover, PhD, FACSM (Case Study 4)
  • Stella Yi, PhD, MPH (Case Study 3)

NCCOR Workgroup

  • S. Sonia Arteaga, PhD (co-lead)
  • David Berrigan, PhD, MPH
  • David Brown, PhD
  • Laura Kettel Khan, PhD
  • Samantha Lange, MPH
  • Seung-Hee Lee, PhD
  • Latetia Moore, PhD, MSPH (co-lead)
  • Steve Onufrak, PhD
  • Jill Reedy, PhD, MPH, RD
  • Marissa Shams-White, PhD, MPH
  • Pamela Thornton, PhD, MSW
  • Susan Vorkoper, MPH, MSW
  • Amy Yaroch, PhD

NCCOR Coordinating Center

  • Amanda Sharfman, MS, MPH
  • Sarah Salinger
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