Recognizing a need to justify investments in the creation of activity-friendly communities that extend beyond health arguments, NCCOR launched a new workgroup in the summer of 2019. This workgroup, Economic Impact of Built Environment Improvements, is tasked with identifying common economic indicators and methods to help public health practitioners make the business case for built environment and land use improvements to increase physical activity.

In early 2020, the workgroup hosted five virtual discussion groups with experts representing disciplines outside of public health such as housing, transportation, and environmental development. Based on the information garnered across the discussion groups, the workgroup hosted an expert panel in June 2020 to help narrow down indicators. Findings from the expert panel are being used to identify which indicators can be used in the field. The workgroup is also developing guidance for key audiences on how to use select indicators to inform practice and research. In 2021, the workgroup published Priorities and Indicators for Economic Evaluation of Built Environment Interventions to Promote Physical Activity in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

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