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Cheaper fruits and vegetables alone can’t save food deserts

November 27, 2012

By Eliza Barclay Tens of millions of Americans can't follow the government's guidelines for healthful eating because they can't afford or access enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it's because they live in what's known as a "food desert," places...
Canadian researchers find correlation between childcare and obesity

November 20, 2012

With the snack company Hostess recently making headlines and Thanksgiving just days away, many people are taking the opportunity to focus on the problem of obesity; childhood obesity in particular. A timely study was published recently in the Journal of Pediatrics...
Study: Childhood exercise helps prevent arthritis

November 14, 2012

The 20-year study of almost 300 children around Australia has found that those who did lots of jumping, running, and skipping had more cartilage in their knees than those who were sedentary. It is estimated about 3 million Australians will...
Childs play helps combats obesity

November 12, 2012

Research published Nov. 9 in the New Zealand Medical Journal suggests that children can benefit more from active play compared to structured exercise. "When it comes to combating obesity and increasing children’s daily physical activity levels, active play is just...
Using online tools to increase access to nutrition messages for low-income mothers

November 8, 2012

Research presented on Oct. 29 at the American Public Health Association’s 140th Annual Meeting & Exposition discussed the process of developing new online communication tools that promote healthy eating behaviors to low-income mothers. The study, led by Judy Wilson of the...
Study: Impact of early school-based nutrition education program

November 7, 2012

Research presented on Oct. 29 at the American Public Health Association 140th Annual Meeting & Exposition assessed the effectiveness and impact of early school-based nutrition programs on the knowledge and behaviors of kindergarten students and first- and second-graders. The study...
Obesity risk for kids who don’t taste ‘bitter’

November 1, 2012

Children who are less sensitive to bitter tastes are more likely to be obese — but only if they live where healthy food is hard to come by. Neither genes nor the environment alone can predict obesity in children, but...
Proximity of convenience stores and parks impact children’s weight status

October 31, 2012

Children living within a one-fourth mile of convenience stores have almost twice the odds of being overweight or obese while those living within a one-half mile of a park have less than half the odds of being overweight of obese...
Economic conditions may trump genetics when battling obesity

October 23, 2012

In a first-of-its-kind study that shows environmental conditions can be more influential than genetics, Virginia Tech researchers have found that the cost of food  — not someone's genetic makeup — is a major factor in eating fattening food. The study,...
Study: Exercise boosts self-esteem; physical activity improves mental well-being

October 3, 2012

By Danielle Angel Moderate physical activity has been shown to improve the mental well-being of overweight children. This study was conducted in Ottawa, Canada , and funded by the Canadian Diabetes Association with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute....
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