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January 2023 Member Meeting Materials

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These materials provide an overview of NCCOR and can help you communicate with your colleagues about the benefits of participating in NCCOR.


Interactions between COVID-19 and Childhood Obesity: Setting a Research Agenda

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Highlights of NCCOR Accomplishments & Activities

Overview of Active Workgroups


PowerPoint Presentations

  • NCCOR Presentation Template
  • NCCOR Tools Presentation Slides (January 2020)
    Add any of these two slides highlighting the Measures Registry Resources Suite, Catalogue of Surveillance Systems, and Youth Compendium to any presentation.
  • Basic NCCOR Presentation (April 2015)
    This is a basic presentation that provides an overview of NCCOR, goes over some key NCCOR activities and resources, and discusses some of our work in terms of the theme “exploring new frontiers.” It can be accessed here and adapted for your needs.
  • Presentation on Catalogue of Surveillance Systems and Measures Registry (July 2014)
    NCCOR was invited to highlight its premier tools—the Catalogue of Surveillance Systems and Measures Registry—on a webinar produced by the Children’s Hospital Association. It can be accessed here and adapted for your needs.
  • NCCOR Strategic Alliances
    This animated presentation highlights what NCCOR is and how it works, as well as describes select key accomplishments and explains why a potential partner will benefit from forming a strategic alliance with NCCOR. It can be accessed here and adapted for your needs.

Member Meeting Summaries

NESP Thoughts and Recommendations for NCCOR

Other Key Summaries


Member Calls

February 15, 2023

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January 18, 2023

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December 14, 2022

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