The National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) aims to distill information about its mission, goal areas, and projects through bold, telling graphics. Please explore the NCCOR suite of images below, and check back regularly. New infographics are developed and posted periodically.


  •     NCCOR Tools This graphic illustrates NCCOR’s growing suite of tools and resources for audiences ranging from data scientists to community-based public health practitioners.
  •   NCCOR Tools Chart This graphic provides concise summary data about the purpose and audiences for NCCOR’s tools.

Healthy Diet and Healthy Eating Index Infographics Series
A series of four infographics show the relationship between a healthful diet and the U.S. food supply. March 2013





NCCOR and its partners have published more than 50 peer-reviewed research articles. You can access the full list on the link below.

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